Declarations Required for PAN

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Declaration in case of minors

In case of a minor, where he has no taxable income and who wants to open a bank account or time deposit exceeding Rs. 50,000, PAN of his father or mother or guardian may be quoted.

Declaration, if not holding PAN

1. Declaration to be furnished in Form No. 60 while entering into any of the specified transactions. [Rule 114B Second Proviso]

2. Persons earning only agricultural income (and not any other taxable Income), are required to make a declaration in Form No. 61 (in lieu of PAN).

3. Non-residents are also exempted from quoting PAN. They need not even furnish copy of the passport.

4. Central Government, State Governments and Consular Offices are also not required to quote PAN for making payments in any of the specified transactions.

Penalty for Failure to Apply for PAN, Surrender of Extra PAN3, Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number


(a) "Assessing Officer" includes an income-tax authority who is assigned the duty of allotting permanent account numbers;

 (b) "permanent account number under the new series"means a permanent account number having ten alphanumeric characters and issued in the form of a laminated card

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